The beginning of the new season is best football jerseys almost over us which means that we’ve had the mandatory extravaganza of new shirt launches and today I’ll round up my ten favorite shirt launches for the new season so remember that if you get inspired you can buy all of them men scoff many many more on

No-10 Athletic Bilbao

let’s do this let’s start off with athletic group commonly known as Athletic Bilbao which have this green gold and red elation inspired by the equally Nia the Vasc flag listen we just love everything about it from the cut under shoulders throw the colors blend together and also the fact the New Balance incorporated the pattern from the Ocoee Nia flag as atoning tone execution on the chest it’s bold but it’s beautiful

No-9 West ham

9th place and we’re blowing bubbles now it’s time I’ve had some class looking kids over the years and this year’s home shirt is absolutely no exception because they I love how they’ve used the light blue color block on the top and then how Umbra used lines to create texture and depth using well a very simple technique this is right up my alley

No-8 Real madrid

8th place megastar because the important Madrid ovation here is simply plain awesome it’s that dope combination of a base and gold accents that just always looks specialized and that i also just like the regard to the Galactic hos name with this all-over starry sky inspired pattern and you bought to understand how the black stripes on the shoulder blends well with the shirt because this is often goanna make sure that has on the gang they’re gonna

No-7 juventus

look the part next season and actually everyone playing for your juventus are gonna look the part when they rock up in this beauty I mean it’s not necessarily a traditional looking event t-shirt but I really love how they incorporated the pink which we’ve seen used on a lot of a shirts over the years with the new and blocky design that somehow still communicates that your juventus  visual identity it is Paul but it’s okay to be  bold when it works and it sure does

No-6 Barcelona

and the same thing are often said for the shirt coming in six Barcelona’s knew she was a rather controversial whole shirt which swaps the stripes for this slightly Croatia inspired checkered pattern which in my opinion is during a ll|one amongst|one in every of”> one among the foremost beautiful patterns within the world of football and speaking of this old visual identity bother stripes which it goes on there everything that a Barcelona shirt needs including the singhara colors from the Catalan flag it had been all there to be honest

No-5 Arsenal

I rather like this first place here goes up to something that’s inspired by the past the Bruce banana looking away shirt from Arsenal which may be a nod back in time to the last time Arsenal teamed up with their brand-new kid supplier from adidas and it’s got this retro vibe but in a subtle modern execution and impressively enough they turn what’s actually a reasonably crazy pattern into something looking rather stylish and that i understand why the Arsenal fans are pretty hyped about this tiny thing

No-4 Manchester united

and while it pains me to say the highest ranking English shirt is not a man united one because cities knew away shirt from Puma is simply just really really cool black and yellow which always works then a regard to the Manchester work to be here which is extremely iconic to the people of Manchester and collar pops from the third and the home shirt on the sleeves this is a strong start Puma strong indeed

No-3 Inter milan home

in third place things are gonna get real stylish because here we have the inter home shirt what I love about this is how Nike use the classic inter look so to speak and then really spiced it up going bold by disrupting the design with he’s broken up patterns almost like a zigzag pattern in the middle of the shirt also like the white color pops in there and what I’m not exactly sure what the zigzag pattern is a reference to maybe tire patterns and Pirelli frankly I don’t care because it looks really cool

No-2 Kaiser Chiefs home

now my second place here goes out to the Kaiser Chiefs home shirt which I admit will split opinion a little bit but I am personally a big fan again black and yellow is just a thing you can ask Wiz Khalifa but seriously this are spiraling pattern that kind of closely circles in around the logo and takes inspiration from the Chieftains war bonnet full of feathers this is the thing of beauty it’s an instant win and for me actually also a little bit mesmerizing.

No-1 Inter Milan away

number one he’s the Inter Milan away shirt which on behalf of me may be a thing of beauty due to course this whole mint-green may be a little bit of a contemporary very we are saying a pain dividing color but with the entire black and gold trim and particularly the black and gold logo that just takes it home on behalf of me this screams summer freshness style elegance hype even and it doesn’t hurt it either that the Pirelli sponsor is perhaps one among the best-looking sponsors around in the least fantastic so there you’ve got to my friends the ten best-looking shirts for the new season a minimum of in my humble opinion but if you think that I could have done better and you would like to ascertain what else is out there well you’ll skip and see all the new shirts for the approaching season on your favorite football destination if you click right over there because we’ve more or less everything but before you go there remember to let me know what you think that is that the best looking shirt within the comment section right down and the re upon say guys I’m gonna log off cheerio

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