best Sublimation jersey design 2021 / What is sublimation jersey ?

best Sublimation jersey design
best Sublimation jersey design

Best Sublimation jersey design 2021

What is a sublimation jersey If you are interested in sports then you listen to lots of times about a sublimation jersey? sublimation jersey is a new technology trend in the football kits manufacturer market.
Sublimation jersey is more demanding in the sports industry for football jersey, cricket t-shirts, fitness wear, sportswear, cap, mask, etc.

What is sublimation?

Technology is improving in all industry
Sublimation is a new technology of printing on cloth with a sublimation machine.
Sublimation printing is more attractive and more durable compare with screen printing or rubber printing and it looks more stylish. You can print lots of colors in one single design.

How to design a sublimation jersey?

In the sports market, you can get lots of football jersey manufacturers for sublimation jerseys.
Or can also design your own football kits with a computer with some knowledge in Photoshop or you can check this link for sublimation jersey design.

What will cost for a sublimation jersey?

There are different rates of football kits in the market depend on jersey cloth. you can get lots of sportswear clothes material in the sports industry. but there are four most popular fabrics.

1.pp cloth jerseys

Pp cloth is the most common sportswear material it is mostly used for cheap and best quality sportswear. It is a rough type of cloth.

2.Honey com cloth jerseys

Like it, the name honey com looks like a honeycomb with small dots on it. It’s smooth fabric and more comfortable compare with pp cloth.

3. saleena cloth jerseys

Saleena is the most popular fabric in the sportswear is a smooth and lite weight cloth. Saleena cloth mostly uses for sublimation jersey.

4.Dot net cloth jerseys

Dot net almost looks like honeycomb fabric with a small dot on is more smooth and thik fabric compare with all also mostly use for sublimation jersey.

Best Sublimation jersey design Price list of printing jersey and sublimation jersey.

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